Augest 2015 016

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chichadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Me was sitting on the water’s edge settling herself as the sun worked its way to the earth.  Lake Huron was a stunning body of water.  For months now, Melody, Freedom and Me had made their home next to this continually transforming basin.  So many elements influenced its daily beauty.  Winds from the north brought cool refreshment during the height of a hot summer’s day.  Winds from the west forced waves high onto the shore into beach grasses waiting to be amused.  Winds from the east retreated the water’s level exposing rock and beach glass to be discovered.  Blue glass was Me’s favorite find. Winds from the south brought air reminiscent of a warm Caribbean breeze.   Today, the winds were coming from the south.  The warm breeze felt magnificent against Me’s slightly clothed body.
As for the diamonds, they were never predictable.  Today, they covered the water like a veil. Their presence was overwhelming.  Their reflection too glaring to view.  Me closed her eyes excitedly waiting for her embrace. She wished she could understand this connection with the diamonds.  Somehow they fed her.  Continue reading “Incident…”