Our Twelve Days of Christmas continues…On our 11th day of Christmas we find ourselves where we have been the past 35 years on this special evening… bringing in the new year with our extended family the Tillmann’s and friends.  This was the first year that we had no “Elders”.  The torch officially passed down this New Year’s eve to the next generation.  We are now them. Continue reading “Elders”

Christmas continues…day 7 2013

“Our”  Little Christmas…Quarton Lake/Birmingham

Our Twelve Days of Christmas Continues…

On our 7th day of Christmas…we breathe again.  The preparation of our family Christmas dinner is behind… Mom is back safe at her home.  A special time had by all.  Tonight, a fire is settled in the fireplace…we have just returned from our walk around this little lake that we live on.  The Christmas light displays are spectacular this year.  Tonight we celebrate one of our  favorite traditions.  “Our” Christmas…just the two of us.  Each holiday season we take one night…we share gifts, enjoy eggnog with a touch of bourbon… and create a lovely holiday dinner.  We discuss the years’ treasured moments  and acknowledge all of the blessings in our lives. We begin to share our dreams of 2014.  Tonight we also discuss and begin our preparations…leaving tomorrow continuing our journey northeast.

Humble Reflection

Mr. Beechie's Bayfield Sunset
Mr. Beechie’s Bayfield Sunset

Our Twelve Days of Christmas continues…

On our 6th day of Christmas…I was filled with humble reflection.  I set two less chairs at our Christmas table this year.  Our family lost Uncle Fred and Aunt Barb. John and Debbie lost Mom and Dad.  As I contemplated I began to count in my mind all of those families that lost a parent(s) this year. Continue reading “Humble Reflection”