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Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Melody had been awake all night. The time had come for Me’s journey to begin. She knew that this would be a difficult and complicated conversation.

Me was talking to the minnows dancing in the stream as Melody approached and lifted her head as she heard the flutter of wings above her. Good afternoon Melody….  Good afternoon my child.  Me sensed something was different.. Melody’s body was arched conveying an authoritative posture that she had never seen before.

Melody spoke: My child it is time. Melody placed her tiny body on Me’s shoulder speaking softly yet sternly into her ear. It is time to take your journey deeper into the depth of who “you” are. You must further define your Naked Slate. You can learn no more here. You are too comfortable. You are no longer finding challenge to continue growth.

 No Melody…No…No. Tears began streaming down Me’s face. Freedom who was watching from the water’s edge was now by Me’s side nuzzling her small shoulders. Me instinctively wrapped her arms around Freedom’s neck as he slid his four chunky legs to the ground to lay beside her. I love living here with Freedom and you beside me.  Me was now screaming. We have the waters to listen to… the sun to nourish our hearts…the diamonds to feed our souls. Why….Why…Why Melody?  Why would we leave this paradise?  Why are YOU doing this to me?  I need no more. I could live forever just the way we are.

Melody sat quietly listening to Me’s strained voice. Finally, she spoke. You must listen to your own  words my child.  Reflect on what you are verbalizing. Your Naked Slate has only touched the surface of its defining journey. There is so much more that you must see, must touch,  must feel, must hear, must smell and you must sense. Do not let this false sensation of safe mediocrity hold you back from persevering your being and  discovering what “can be”. You must begin packing immediately. Choose those items most important to aid you as you continue your journey… not only those items that you love. Freedom will carry your satchel as well as you at those times when the journey’s heaviness exhausts you. Knowing this, you must choose how heavy your satchel will be.  For when you are exhausted: Freedom too will feel your exhaustion as he struggles in his silence to carry you and your satchel.  We leave the first thing in the morning.

 Me rose to her feet. Freedom awkwardly struggled to his feet too. Me was now sobbing uncontrollably. The tears rolled down her face as she struggled to fill her lungs gasping into the air above. Freedom silently followed as she began her walk back to camp. He could feel  moisture in his eyes as he kept his head low so that Me could not see. He felt her pain, her agony.  He felt her everything.

Melody was now at the water’s edge trembling. Her tiny wings lay limp on the warm sand below her. She closed her eyes as she struggled with her own composure. Someday Me will understand.  Someday she will see as Freedom and I see. The diamonds were beginning to dissipate as the sun’s settled colors began to dim. She took it all in. She took every bit of nourishment in. She spread her wings as wide as they would go, embracing it all. She knew that this would be the last time, for a long time, that the diamonds would feed her Soul. Destination:  Forest of the Naked Slate.

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