Me: again in her fetal position, lay quietly in sleep as Melody sang into her blood bathed ear.  It was mid-morning and Me had not yet woken. Freedom was in the woods behind searching for berries and water to drink.


Me’s eyes slowly opened.  Immediately above her she recognized the huge umbrella of green that she could only sense above her body while in darkness the night before. It was a beautiful Oak.  No words were immediately spoken. 072516 021 As Me pulled herself up and off the ground into a sitting position, she began to look around her and “take in” her chosen location of their first night in the Forest of Naked Slate.

The sight took her breath away. They were situated on the top of an enormous bluff: below into a deep ravine was housed the flowing body of a magnificent river that rolled as far as her eyes could see.  She began to squint, unable to clearly identify what she saw next.  It looked to be a village.  She gasped.

Melody…Do people live here?
Yes…People do live here my child.
Is this Society?
Yes…this is Society.

No…no…Take me back Melody…please take me out of the Forest of the Naked Slate. Take me away from here.  I don’t want to be in Society.  I don’t want Society to again tell me who I am.  Society will only continue to define me as someone I am not. Please…please…take me back.  I have been so happy since the “incident” …living with you and Freedom being fed by the diamonds given to us by the Sun as we lived beside the Great Basin. 

My child…it has been years since you have been in Society.  And yes…Society did define you: and yes…you did not accept the manner in which you were defined.  You were young…very young.  You believed deeply something was wrong…very wrong.  This acknowledgement created a suppressed empty void  deep inside your person. Unknowingly, you began to search.  You began “searching for a feeling”.  You had total ignorance of what this feeling was… where this feeling was …. or how this feeling would be identified once felt.  The only element that you were certain of, was that the search was entirely internal and that the void inside of you would not sustain life without being filled.  This was when you found “Me”…your Melody…your imaginary friend.  With your Melody you began a quest to find emotions not recognized by Society.  Soon you realized that the only skill you needed to master  was the ability to effectively question. Once mastered: your constant questioning aggravated and threatened Society…it panicked…therefore it chose to define you the only way it knew: to alienate.

My child…let us go back to your dream. What happened in your dream?

 I was dreaming about all that you have taught me…said Me.   I was pulling myself inward going deeper and deeper touching sensitive emotions, both good and bad…embracing them…loving who I am… finding this peace that you have taught me how to find.  Then suddenly my dream changed.  A deep dark angry force enveloped these emotions, challenging their validity and purpose, creating fear that strangled everything I believe.  This force began pulling me outward, back to the surface to an emotionless state of fear and confusion.  I was back in Society’s hold.   Fear robbed the self-love I had found for me…it strangled it…it killed it. Everything I have learned from you was taken from me.

 Though her heart racing, Melody spoke with calm…My child it is fear that steals success in this forest.  You have now been introduced to its powers. Here in the Forest of the Naked Slate, your intrinsic beliefs will be contested and challenged as you become one with Soul.  This encounter, instigated by Society will be fierce.  Society deems its judgement as the only authority to define what you believe.  It will use fear as its armor to take from you, your connection with Soul. The tools that you acquired  during your years at the Great Basin will be vital here.  These tools will guide your decisions as you continue to fill your Naked Slate: as you begin to uncover and embrace the peace that you have searched so hard to discover.

My child you must know this…In the Forest of the Naked Slate no one see’s you.  Only you see you as you act out the roles that Society defined for you to be, had you chosen to accept its definition.





Dark silence had filled the air.  All that could be heard was Freedom’s labored breath and his hoof’s as they glazed against the surface dust of the earth. It was a cool night.  There was no setting sun…no feeding of the diamonds…no basin of water to bathe before bed. 072516 022
“Stop”… said Me.  It is here that we will sleep.   As she dismounted, her legs buckled from the weight of her body.  This was the first time that her body had left the security of Freedom’s warm hold since leaving this morning.   Able to only distinguish soft dark shapes around her: Me worked her way slowly to what looked to be a large unidentifiable tree.  As she walked closer to its base she could feel a huge umbrella of surrounding leaves above.  It felt close. Here ….let’s sleep here.  Freedom fell immediately to his knees.  As he lay on his side he displayed the warmth of his under belly.  Me formed into her fetal position and placed her body next to his warm side. Melody perched on the top of Freedom’s exposed hip. Exhausted…sleep came fast.

Back into her dreams… Me again slowly spiraled inward: following the bright light: feeling the sensation of silent calm as she began to touch her vulnerable emotions.  Then suddenly: just like earlier…the dark force that she now recognized as “fear” swept her back into her original state where there was no emotion at all. Again…back and forth…back and forth…back and forth. She could not control the power of “fear” inside of her.  Her body began to twitch…her eyes rolled uncontrollably as REM sleep kept her in her dream. She was trapped inside of herself.  The fear mounted…her body began to dampen…soft moans came from her lips. She began to hyper-ventilate.

Melody was deep into a conversation with Soul, when she noticed that Me was struggling to breathe. Immediately she jumped down onto Me’s shoulder and began to peck at her left ear:  no response… With firm consistent strokes she began to poke her ear again and again.  A small amount blood began to pool.  Freedom had by now awaken and he lye silently still as Melody struggled to get Me outside of her dream. Harder and harder she continued to jab.  Blood was beginning to spill over onto Freedom’s brown coat. Please wake my Child…please wake.  Suddenly:  Me vaulted to her feet.  She began to cry uncontrollably….unable to find air to fill her lungs…grasping into the dark.   Melody surveyed the situation in silence.  She jumped back to her place on Freedom’s hip as blood dripped from her tiny face:  the consequences of her effort to relieve Me from her horrifying dream. Melody continued her silent quietness. Hours passed…Night moved into morning with no words spoken and no comfort bestowed.

Both Melody and Freedom knew exactly what happened:  The Forest of the Naked Slate had spoken.


100neew camera 1128 042 My Child:
During this coming year…
L… Live in the moment
V…Volunteer your time to others
R…Read to continue learning
E…Exercise to feel alive
F…Forgive those unforgiven
G…Take guilt and throw it away                                                   

Lake Huron


Melody…an introduction

Summer2012 041Me loved her Melody…  They had been  inseparable since birth.  She was her cherished, invisible friend.  Melody was a chickadee.  No one could see or hear her…except Me.
Together: they explored childhood. They giggled… they cried… they grew.  As time took Me from infancy  into adolescence, she feared that Melody would one day be gone: vanished from her life. She could not imagine life without her Melody.  “No one as an adult had an invisible friend”… she would tell herself.  Mama kept telling her that too.
Melody was silently perched in her favorite birch tree a short distance from where Me was restlessly seated.  It was a beautiful sun-filled afternoon. She sensed the uncomfortable emotions that these thoughts provoked in Me and could feel her confusion. Closing her eyes, Melody took a deep breath.  She smiled as her imagination seized the moment and took her and Me into the future…their future.

…Melody saw everything different.