Melody…an introduction

Summer2012 041Me loved her Melody…They had been inseparable since birth.  She was her cherished, invisible friend.  Melody was a chickadee.  No one could see or hear her… except Me.
Together, they explored childhood. They giggled… they cried… they grew.  As time took Me from infancy into adolescence, she feared that Melody would one day be gone, vanished from her life. She could not imagine life without her Melody.  “No one as an adult had an invisible friend”… she would tell herself.  Mama kept telling her that too.

Melody was silently perched in her favorite birch tree a short distance from where Me was restlessly seated.  It was a beautiful sun-filled afternoon. She sensed the uncomfortable emotions that these thoughts provoked in Me, and could feel her confusion. Closing her eyes, Melody took a deep breath.  She smiled as her imagination seized the moment and took her and Me into the future…their future.

…Melody saw everything different.