“Land’s End”



Me startled as she heard that familiar voice.  She had been transfixed on the view before her.  She had just arrived to a new land that displayed an unfamiliar basin of water that was challenging her person both visually and emotionally.  It was mammoth in every aspect.  It was breathtaking…  it demanded respect.  She was seated at what was called “Land’s End”: the southernmost point of the Baja Peninsula looking south.  It was where the Pacific met the Sea of Cortez.  As she watched the large birds that flew overhead  she saw a striking resemblance of prehistoric creatures in flight.
Observing the sea before her: she felt its authoritative control as it swept powerful surges of beautiful blue fluid high onto the shore. Looking outward into its vast domain, darkness suggested elusive powers in its depth.  Even the diamonds presented themselves differently… They unassumingly preceded the sun’s descent rather than followed. This confused her.

The winter weather from where she came had been brutal. The sun had been captive for months shadowed in the sky by the gray clouds that the season brings. Because of so, no diamonds could be wakened and no embrace could be had. Her body felt dull…her emotion uninspired. Her instigative demeanor silenced. She now acknowledged and respected the dynamism that this evening ritual gave her.  The need for the embrace of the diamonds had become part of who she had become. Concern began to occupy her mind: What if the diamonds cannot find me?  she whispered.  Melody who had  perched her tiny body near Me’s long extended neck sensed the anxiety that was developing.  My child do not rush what is to be…silence your impatience… believe.  Me closed her eyes.  Slowly she began to fill her lungs with the warm air that surrounded them.  Deeper and deeper she inhaled until her lungs begged for release.  Slowly and methodically she granted their request.  Over and over she repeated the exercise gradually silencing her fear.  Meanwhile Melody tucked her tiny body into the curve of Me’s neck preparing for what was to come.

Because her position faced south, Me was able to see the sun’s rising from the east.  She observed with surprise that immediately following the sun’s slow ascent was a small bed of diamonds.  She had never witnessed this before.  She had always been poised west where the diamonds arrived mid afternoon.  It was after the sun had crossed the earth behind her: falling over the bluff: reaching the water’s edge, where they immediately pooled into brilliant light.  On this day as the sun traversed the waters, the diamonds continued to hold an unassuming presence.  Hours passed… it was now late afternoon.  As the sun began its descent from the sky the diamonds began their transformation from unassuming… into magnificent. They were here. They had finally been wakened. They had arrived. Me outstretched her long sun deprived body onto the warm sand beneath her. She closed her eyes. She smiled as she realized that the diamonds could find her anywhere.  Peacefully she waited.  She knew that soon her person would return. The dullness would fade…her lost emotion restored… her creative instigation aroused.  This magnificent semblance of glittering light would soon be feeding what she now realized without any doubt… her Soul.

Me believed…

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