Melody…an introduction

Summer2012 041Me loved her Melody…  They had been  inseparable since birth.  She was her cherished, invisible friend.  Melody was a chickadee.  No one could see or hear her…except Me.
Together: they explored childhood. They giggled… they cried… they grew.  As time took Me from infancy  into adolescence, she feared that Melody would one day be gone: vanished from her life. She could not imagine life without her Melody.  “No one as an adult had an invisible friend”… she would tell herself.  Mama kept telling her that too. Continue reading “Melody…an introduction”


Me was mentally exhausted.  Deep sleep came quickly as she hung tight to Freedom’s coarse mane.  Soon her mind began to open to the universe.  Color and form came forward, taking her into her dreams.  She was back at the county garage, twelve years earlier where the incident occurred. She saw herself lying in a pool of blood after falling from her bicycle… motionless. Melody was perched next to her left ear.  She was witnessing her invented friend move into another form, no longer imaginary in her mind. She was acknowledging that they were no longer separate…they were one. They now spoke without verbal communication. Me needing only to listen: to feel.

Going deeper into her universe of dreams, Me spiraled slowly, awkwardly, inward.  A bright energy was drawing her in as an unidentifiable dark force was pulling her out. Continue reading “Fear-“


It was a beautiful day as Me, Freedom and Melody left the water’s edge.  Sun’s rising filled the sky with overwhelming pinks and blues. August2011 041 She knew these were Me’s favorite colors.  Sun also knew that this was her last shared moment before the journey took her treasured friends away. This was her final embrace. It was now in Me’s control: her journey to fill her Naked Slate; her travels to unite with her Soul.  Sun had confidence in her conviction of Freedom as her guardian and Melody her interpreter and guide.
Their departure: a wrenching turmoil of emotion.

Me, Freedom and Melody decided they each needed to say their own private goodbye. Continue reading “Departure-“


Once at camp, Me began to gather her few belongings.  They held so many memories.  She could not imagine leaving any of her precious treasures behind.  As she started to fill her modest satchel, Me’s racing heart began to settle and air entered her lungs more freely. The frenzied pace slowed. She turned her attention inward and repeated over and over to herself: just listen…just listen…listen to what is being said inside.  It did not take long.  It was Melody’s earlier words. Do not let this false sensation of safe mediocrity hold you back from discovering what can be. Choose only those items you need as you continue your journey, not simply those items you love.  Freedom will carry your satchel as well as you during times when the journey’s heaviness exhausts you.  Knowing this, you must choose how heavy your satchel will be: for when you are exhausted, Freedom too will feel your exhaustion as he struggles in silence to carry you and those possessions you have chosen to need. Continue reading “satchel…”


MomDad 60th 029

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Melody had been awake all night. The time had come for Me’s journey to begin. She knew that this would be a difficult and complicated conversation.

Me was talking to the minnows dancing in the stream as Melody approached and lifted her head as she heard the flutter of wings above her. Good afternoon Melody….  Good afternoon my child.  Me sensed something was different.. Melody’s body was arched conveying an authoritative posture that she had never seen before.

Melody spoke: My child it is time. Melody placed her tiny body on Me’s shoulder speaking softly yet sternly into her ear. It is time to take your journey deeper into the depth of who “you” are. You must further define your Naked Slate. You can learn no more here. You are too comfortable. You are no longer finding challenge to continue growth. Continue reading “complicated…”