Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Hello my child….I have been seeking you since the morning’s light. Have you had a full morning?

Melody…my head is spinning with  bewilderment.  Freedom and I have traveled far today. We walked and walked and walked.  Freedom took me into Society.  He wanted to introduce me to definitions of social order.  He said that I needed to see the evolution of Society’s definition of mankind.  I needed to see where it began….where it is…where it is heading… My visit suggested that it has never changed from where it began.   Time never developed the definition of mankind.  The visions  from each time-lined period were consistently hollow of development.

My child…never did I speak that the discoveries found to fill your Naked Slate would be simple nor uncomplicated nor unchallenged.  I can see in your heavy eyes that your day was filled with challenge.

Melody my heart is heavy.  Is happiness real? Can we really find contentment on this earth?  Freedom and I traveled today to visit a historical sanctuary.  It held pictures….very old pictures of the past and into the present. Society called it a Museum.  It displayed visions of the world since the beginning of time. So many visions displayed, held no smiles… conveyed no happiness… harbored no peace. These prized visions of the past held torment.  I only felt pain and emptiness from these visions.  I cried… holding tight to Freedom as he walked me through the maze of: “periods of time”.  Each period expressing emotionless faces.  Faces filled with despair.
Melody can I feel happiness?  Can I feel this emotion that you speak?  Must I see it in other’s eyes to feel it in my own?

My child you have visually experienced the result of mediocrity’s control over mankind.  It has been with us since the beginning of time.  You saw its power, paralyzing creativity and search.  Mediocrity comforts the earth creating an illusion of satisfaction… accepting what is because throughout history it always has been what was.  This is  defined as the “comfort zone”. Mediocrity convinces the body to not move from this zone of comfort. In doing so, your “person” is never threatened because you are living what always has been.  Your identity defined by social order satisfies you, bestowing within you the sensation that you are complete.
Moving from one’s comfort zone requires courage, perseverance, and the passion to feel. Once outside of this personal zone all known direction is lost and insecurities take over. This achievement forces “search” to begin… Survival requires only the ability to listen. The challenge is that most do not know how to listen…most only know how to be heard.  Listening is your guide. Through listening you will know what must be heard. What you saw today My Child has been Mankind’s demon since the beginning of time.  The visions you experienced is Society’s constant accepting of what is.  The faces are empty because this is what the safety of mediocrity does.  It robs the feeling of Soul. Since the beginning of time mediocrity has ruled the dreams of mankind.  Such is why all of the visions looked and felt the same…emotionless. Peace and happiness require a commitment of “search” that most fear and therefore never enter.”

Me spoke no words as she stared into the “diamonds” that were beginning to be conceived on the waters before her.  Breathing deeply, she closed her eyes feeling Sun’s warmth as it nourished her heart.  Little by little her body began to feel again.  She could feel warmth stirring in her being… it was the “diamonds”  feeding something inside of her.

Melody pondered  Me’s transformation as she left the day’s challenge and entered into her” own person. She then turned her focus to the water’s edge where Freedom had immersed himself, cleansing the dust from his muscular body.  She noted the weariness in his big brown eyes. She knew how much he loved Me and how difficult of a day it had been for him.  It was becoming apparent that Me was choosing to search. Her questions were becoming more focused and her frustration had become more controlled.  There was something here that Me wanted…Melody and Freedom sensed this and they were pleased.  Melody hopped onto Freedom’s back and began fluttering her wings catching drops of water as  Freedom gently shook his body.  She too needed to be cleansed.  As they left the water Melody moved forward and began nibbling at Freedom’s big erect ears.  He loved when Melody did this.  He understood her kind gesture and acknowledged her pleasure of his successful journey into Society.  As he rested his big nose on his hip she continued to nibble and tease.  It began to tickle…Freedom giggled.

Without words spoken,  Melody and Freedom knew that Me’s next visit into Society would be different. The visions would be of contemporary and modern works. The expressed vision’s would be by those who choose to live outside of a zone of comfort. Those who choose to take the journey to fill the Naked Slate. Those who choose trepidation…to search…to feel.

Me was now fast asleep near the camp fire that blanketed them with warmth.  Melody and Freedom joined her.  Settled: hugging as they always did each night, heaviness visited their bodies: together they fell into their dreams.

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee


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