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Suns’ setting was ending its display as Me reached out to Freedom and wrapped her arms around his big belly for a warm hug.  The pandemic…now moving into its 6th month…was not leaving any time soon.  The earth’s silence endured.  Me continued to embrace the noiselessness for it allowed her to step back into yesterday.  She returned to her visionary moments  frolicking with Melody and Freedom as they had so many years ago…while guiding her journey to fill her Naked Slate and becoming one with Soul.  Freedom had returned in her visions… making it perfectly clear to her that death was only a state of mind. She had missed him so.  He missed her too. The pandemic did not allow them to return home.  Home was their favorite place on earth: the Bayfield water’s edge on the great lakes basin where the diamonds danced each night as the Sun’s magic created a window of heaven on earth below.
So they deepened their imaginary search and created a new space…in this new world…in this new time.  The water’s of the great lakes region still surrounded them…Sun’s magic still glistened on the water’s basin to the west as the diamonds found heaven on earth below.  It too became perfectly clear. Home was not a place…but a state of mind with Soul.

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08 04 2020



Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee…

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee…

It was early morning…Melody was on the water’s edge feasting on her favorite treat. She loved sunflower seeds and she knew how silly she looked as she fiercely fought the bulky skin to get to the soft delicious meat inside. Her concentration was intense. She did not notice Me walking toward her.

Melody…I am doing something very, very special today.  I am doing something for you…just for you, my Melody.

Melody glanced up from her nourishment somewhat exhausted from wrestling with her seeds. Inquisitively she tilted her head and looking at Me she grinned. Melody loved seeing Me at peace.

What may that be my child? Tell me what you are doing so special for me today.

 I am getting married, said Me.

Melody fixated on Me as she sensed the heightened emotion radiating from her. Confused she asked:
Tell me more my child…

We are convening at the location where Soul introduced  my ghost to “me”.  Where I learned of the emotions of my Soul.  It is nestled within a forest of white pine, settled on an epic bluff high above the sea.  White orchids are coming to surround us. The sea’s waves have requested to serenade us. The gentle westerly winds have asked to cool us. The Sun and the Diamonds have requested to feed us.  You and Freedom must come. It is there that the ceremony will convene.

Even more confused,…Melody questioned further.
Are you not already married my child?

Yes… indeed I am Melody.
Thirty years ago I married a gentle man who I loved and continue to love.   I had not embraced Soul at that time nor had I begun the journey to fill my Naked Slate. I was just beginning to love my “me”.
Over the years my husband’s Soul embraced my journey…just as my Soul embraced his.  As his Soul fell in love with mine…my Soul fell in love with his.  On this day we are recommitting to our vows for you.  We are acknowledging you on this day…acknowledging that you too fell in love.  You fell in love with the translator of “his” Soul.

We are doing this for you my Melody. You: the translator of “my” Soul…after all of these years: finally… joining hands and touching the translator of “his” Soul … the Soul that you have forever loved. 

“I love you my Melody…”

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee…

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee…