A Philosophy of Mind

…..finding Soul

DSC00888 (2)

The family of my Soul…

Me:  Society’s definition of who I am
SoulMy Spiritual core.
Ghost:  The emotions of Soul.
Melody:  My translator of Soul
Freedom: My friend and guardian

This collection of parables is the result of my life’s journey to meet my Soul.  It begins during childhood with two imaginary friends…Melody: a chickadee… and Freedom: a donkey.
The parables lead to a journey into the Forest of the Naked Slate.  It is here that Me is confronted by society and its definition of who she is supposed to be.  Here…she must  fill her Naked Slate.  She must choose between society’s definition of who she is and what her discovery of self …tells her… she must be.

This story is my life’s work in progress.  These parables are slow to create…difficult to find the correct words to convey such elusive emotion.  Much of “My Ghost in Me” still needs to be written.  The concepts so clear in my mind… yet the words to describe the emotional content of each discovery…very difficult to convey.

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