Once at camp, Me began to gather her few belongings.  They held so many memories.  She could not imagine leaving any of her precious treasures behind.  As she started to fill her modest satchel, Me’s racing heart began to settle and air entered her lungs more freely. The frenzied pace slowed. She turned her attention inward and repeated over and over to herself: just listen…just listen…listen to what is being said inside.  It did not take long.  It was Melody’s earlier words. Do not let this false sensation of safe mediocrity hold you back from discovering what can be. Choose only those items you need as you continue your journey, not simply those items you love.  Freedom will carry your satchel as well as you during times when the journey’s heaviness exhausts you.  Knowing this, you must choose how heavy your satchel will be: for when you are exhausted, Freedom too will feel your exhaustion as he struggles in silence to carry you and those possessions you have chosen to need.

It was was was perfect.
It was small…it was blue…it was perfect.

Me found an over-sized blue diamond hosta leaf not far from camp. She placed on the leaf everything she owned.  The magic metal that reflected light:  it allowed her to view each morning the reflection of who she was. The woven mat of grass: her bed on where each night she slept as Freedom wrapped his warm awkward body around her.  The collection of precious beach glass: discoveries made piece by piece as she canvassed the shoreline along the water’s edge.  Me had decided to take nothing except her satchel and one small treasure.  Searching through her beach glass she found the one piece that she adored.  It was small.  It was blue.  It was perfect. She slipped it into the protective case then methodically wrapped the leaf tightly around the treasures that remained.  Walking peacefully from the bluff to her most special place on earth, Me held firm against her heart the make shift vault that was embracing all that she owned.   She hiked to an area that she knew the waves could not reach.  Arriving; it was here that she felt most loved.  It was here that Sun would faithfully come time and time again for her, just for her, loving her. Together they embraced an extraordinary bond of peace.  For hours Sun would warm her heart creating the diamonds that fed her new friend Soul. Kneeling to the ground and cupping her hands, Me slowly dug into the earth. She did not want to dig too deep for she needed Sun to continue warming her treasures with the hope of someday seeing them again.

Melody watched from the birch tree that had become her favorite elevated height. She sat in silence, watching Me prepare her burial site.  She was mentally examining their travel plans and preparing her state of mind.  As the translator  of Me’s Soul, Melody’s role necessitated providing Me with out of comfort zone experiences.  These experiences would draw Me further within her person, listening deeper to her being, finding true comfort from who she is: over time becoming one with the emotions of her Soul.

Freedom too had been watching Me.  He stood strong and erect as he observed Me’s movements below.  Earlier he had studied her facial expression as she delicately kissed each of her chattels before placing them gently on the leaf.  He then observed her body movements as she found the perfect location and created the perfect depth into the earth to place what she was leaving behind.  His mind was now wandering.  He was revisiting his time: his turn…his journey.  He too had a Guardian.

Freedom & Adam
Freedom & Adam

His name was Adam.  Freedom closed his eyes as he visualized them together. Adam loved and protected him unconditionally just as he now loved and protected Me.  Just as Me would someday unconditionally love and protect another.  He envisioned the first time he felt Adam’s exhaustion; when he could walk no longer, his legs could move no more and his thirst for water overwhelming.  They had been walking for days.  They could not find water.  As Adam carefully labored to the ground for Freedom to mount his warm sweat-ridden body, it was then that Freedom realized just how difficult a journey this was for Adam too.  His breathing labored.  His exhaustion and thirst obvious.  His body draped with dust.  Small open sores circled his swollen knees.  As Freedom mounted, wrapping his tiny legs around Adam’s big round belly, he thought about the weight of  his satchel and how little importance his possessions now had.  With no further thought he grabbed the bag that held his collection of past memories and tossed it as far as his remaining strength would allow.  It did not matter anymore…

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