New Year’s Day…



Melody, you are back….I missed you,  said Me.

I missed you too my child, said Melody as she perched her tiny body next to her.
This was Me’s favorite time of day.  The diamond’s had just ended their sparkling journey on the frozen ice and snow: they now having disappeared into nowhere. She always wondered where they went once they completed their twinkling performance.  The Sun was beginning to play with clouds in the sky creating soft pink hue’s.  Me was anxious…. She had something serious on her mind and immediately began to question.

Melody…Why is New Year’s Day such a special day?.. said Me.

Melody was surprised by the question.  My childNew Year’s day is a fresh start.  A new beginning…another chance…the setting in motion of resolute change for those who seek.

But Melody… is not it just the next day on the calendar, of a new year?

Yes it is…you are absolutely right in its literal sense.  Yet for those who dream, New Year’s day is a day of reckoning, cleansing, committing and renewing.  My child, nothing happens unless it is first a dream. Without dreams, mediocrity invades the soul.  The creative senses are deadened.  There is an acceptance of what is…not embracing what “could be”.  New Year’s day challenges what is.

Melody…What do you mean “could be”?
“Could be” is anything and everything you want it to be.  Me was becoming anxious and confused.  Melody spoke…Breathe deep…close your anxious eyes.  Remove the clutter from your mind.  Stare into space seeing nothing.  It is then that you begin to feel your being.  External discord will fade as you sift through multiple peripheral layers: moving inward.  Tensions will release as you become centered.  You become “one”.  Succumb to the peace that you find waiting for you. No longer is the outside world in control of your being. Your person now belongs to you.   It is here where you learn the core of your happiness. It is here where you must listen most intently.  It is here where you dream. It is here were everything begins…where anything “could be”.      

By now the Sun had settled. The diamonds were at rest. The waters lay peaceful as darkness began to fall. Freedom who had been sitting next to Me  began to snuggle.  He rested his cold nose on Me’s lap as he gently wrapped around her to give warmth and protection.  Melody tucked her tiny being under the warmth of Freedom’s long mane. Me eyes closed as she fell into a fetal position against Freedom’s belly.  She was exhausted.  Her conversation with Melody ignited something inside of her. It felt good.  It felt exciting.  She wanted to find her dreams.  She wanted to seek what “could be”.  But right now she was exactly where she wanted to be. She was safe… Each night Melody, Freedom and Me comforted and protected one another as they slept underneath the stars. Tonight was no different… It was time to sleep.

Good Night Melody…
Good Night my child…

I love you… said Me.
I love you too….Chickadeedeedee…Chickadeedee