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Freedom and Me spent hours playing on the shoreline.  Me loved riding on Freedom’s back as he cantered along the water’s edge.  He was teasing her today. He would dash in and out of the water going a little deeper with each run.  His big ears were erect, taking note of the giggles and laughter coming from her warm body on his back. Today he allowed the spray from his hooves as they pierced the water to drench her tiny body.  He was giggling too.
Me had her arms wrapped around his burly neck…her distinctive voice cooing into his ear.  I love you she spoke. The morning had turned into afternoon.  Freedom and Me were beginning to tire.  As they left the water returning to the area of beach called home, they saw Melody perched on the big driftwood log next to their fire pit.  Melody was enjoying the sunflower seeds that she had collected that morning.  It was her favorite meal.  She was meticulously dissecting the soft meat from its shell.   Me and Freedom always watched her in awe as she concentrated to not let go a speck.  Actually, it was kind of funny.  They both giggled as they approached her and settled beside her. No words spoken: together…Melody, Freedom, and Me silently watched over the water as the sun performed its daily ritual.  Diamonds encompassed the entire body of water today.  A sailboat was in the distance immersed in twinkling splendor.  Hours went by as the sun nourished their hearts and the diamonds fed their souls. Me did not understand this time of day. She only knew that this was her favorite time.  It made her feel something she did not understand.

Suddenly…words filled the air. Melody what is silence? asked Me.

Melody was startled. She fluttered…catching herself in flight as she fell from her perch. She had been awakened from the silence she was sharing with Soul.  She had lost all reference of time and place.  Slowly she settled.  A smile came to her tiny face: Me was asking a question. Silence is when the mind stands still my child

Confused, Me asked: How does the mind stand still?

It stands still when there is no communication with the past, the present, or the future.  It is then that the senses are set free and Soul begins to be heard.

Still confused, Me asked:  How do I talk to Soul?

You do not talk to Soul in a literal sense.  Through your thoughts you listen and you feel.  Talk as we know it, is irrelevant.  All questions are already known because you and Soul are one in the same being.  It is the answers that you seek…  You just need to listen and feel what is being said.

How do I know what is being said?

Emotion will guide you.  It is when you can feel the emotion of Soul that you awaken your own distinct persona and you begin to hear what is being said.   This emotion arouses search within you… inspiring you.  A journey evolves: exploring your persona. The result:  you begin to fill your Naked Slate.  As you discover who you “in fact” are, you remove what society has mistakenly chosen you to be. Your success will resonate through the respect and love that you will begin to give to yourself having acknowledged your true strengths, weaknesses, fears, and demons. Truth will become your power as peace becomes your friend.

Melody…What is Search? What is the Naked Slate?
Me’s head was swimmingMelody once again was talking a language that Me could not understand.

Tomorrow is another day my child. We will talk tomorrow.” said Melody.

Darkness had settled in and Me’s eyes were heavy. It had been a long, busy, wonderful day.  Freedom was lying next to her cuddling tightly.  She assumed he was asleep playing in his dreams. He must be exhausted from today’s play, she told herself.
In fact: Freedom was wide awake having listened to the entire exchange of words between Melody and Me.
Me asked questions …
he whispered to himself.  Me asked  questions…she seeks to search.  Having witnessed the exchange, it confirmed to him that a journey would someday begin.

Good night Melody
Good night my child
love you…
I love you too…
Chick a dee dee dee   Chick a dee dee…