Humble Reflection

Mr. Beechie's Bayfield Sunset
Mr. Beechie’s Bayfield Sunset

Our Twelve Days of Christmas continues…

On our 6th day of Christmas…I was filled with humble reflection.  I set two less chairs at our Christmas table this year.  Our family lost Uncle Fred and Aunt Barb. John and Debbie lost Mom and Dad.  As I contemplated I began to count in my mind all of those families that lost a parent(s) this year.

The Beechie Family               Mom and Dad

The Erb Family                       Mom and Dad

The Bahle Family                   Mom and Dad

The Tillmann Family             Mom

The McCrea Family              Mom

The Darnborough Family    Mom

The Long Family                   Mom

The Wearring Family           Dad

The MacVean Family           Mom

The Hanson Family              Dad

The Powers Family              Dad

I apologize if I may have missed someone. There are so many.

If I included Aunts, Uncles, Classmates, Friends…my list would be much longer.  I knew most of these wonderful “Souls”.  So many influenced the person I have become.  Most of them lived into their late 80’s…some into their 90’s. Upon their passing’s we celebrated their wonderful lives.  Even though we celebrated… it still hurts… the void that so many of us now carry inside.

So I sent a kiss to each and every one of you in Heaven….