Anne's sunset 041


Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Me needed her Melody.  It had been weeks since they had chatted.  She found her at her favorite watering hole eating that beloved meal…sunflower seeds.  At first glance it looked as if Melody had gained a few ounces around her tiny belly. Obviously, Melody had been here for a while.

“She is gone my Melody.
She is gone.
She has left this earth to explore another land.  She needed to leave. Her body was no longer happy in this world.  It conflicted with her beautiful mind. The two were no longer “one”.
I am ambivalent Melody….Though she needed to leave I feel this enormous emotional void. Her life was long and it was filled with wealth of love, wealth of family, and wealth of admiration. During my journey few have influenced the definition of my “Naked Slate”.  She was one…”

“Melody…How do I say goodbye?”
Melody lifted her head.  She could feel the passion in Me’s words.  She could sense the void within her heart.

“She is not gone my “Child”.  She has only moved on…”

“You must embrace your emotions at this moment.  Allow your tears to flow.  Cry in the arms of others as you allow others to cry in your arms.”  She massaged your Naked Slate.  She somehow moved you. Search deep into your being.  Clearly identify how she touched your Soul.  In doing so you will become aware that she is still with you. She will forever be with you. Take her lessons forward.  Be her extension not the final sentence in her Life’s journey.”

 Me began to cry.  Like so many times before, Melody began stroking Me’s neck with her tiny frame consoling her. Freedom had been observing not far away. He came over and lowered onto the ground next to Me.  Me collapsed onto his body embracing his warm soft belly.  As Melody hopped down to join them she felt a little bulky. Looking down she too noticed that her belly was growing. Boy….those sunflower seeds “rock”.

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee

Chickadee dee dee
Chickadee dee


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