…pondering thought

A week had passed.  Me spent most of her time alone, only engaging when it was time to eat or sleep.    Melody and Freedom watched as she held animated conversations with herself during the day and spoke loudly in her dreams at night.  They knew what was happening and knew that they could not intervene.  Me was interacting with her Foundation of Thought.  For the first time in her life, she began to make sense of the confusion that surrounded her about the conflicting messages that society defined her to be and what she intrinsically believed she was.  The fact that she was born a healthy Caucasian girl was her only given.  The family she was born into and the social norms that surrounded them, set the stage for her introduction into this world. Each family member had their own “Foundation of Thought” …their own interpretation of this world.  As each passed on their individual beliefs, she digested these perceptions in her infant mind…creating her own Foundation of Thought.  At the same time… the society where she lived also defined who she was and what she was expected to become.

She began to realize that the foundation created for her was far different than the triggers that came loaded in her person.

… the religion she was introduced into had the greatest impact on these triggers.  Her inquisitive perseverance conflicted directly with the fervent focused teachings of her religions’ elders.

…just as important…her family’s interpretation of love and its lack of development in their foundation’s.  Affection…compassion…appreciation…respect…encouragement.   Her mind and body craved all of these emotional attachments that she could not understand or define.

She found herself revisiting conversations of long ago with Melody when search was introduced to her…questioning how the mind can stand still…remembering Melody’s words as if it was yesterday. Your mind stands still when there is no communication with the past, present, or future.  It is then that the senses are set free, and Soul begins to be heard.  You do not talk to Soul in a literal sense.  Through your thoughts you listen, and you feel. Talk as we know it, is irrelevant.  All questions are already known because you are one with Soul.  It is the answers that you seek…you just need to listen and feel what is being said.



Me continued to hear Melody’s words…

Emotion will guide you.  It is when you can feel the emotion of Soul that you awaken your own distinct  identity. This emotion arouses search within you…inspiring you.  A journey evolves: exploring your persona.  The result:  you begin to fill your Naked Slate.  As you discover who you “in fact” are, you remove what society has mistakenly chosen you to be.  Your success will resonate through the respect and love that you will begin to give yourself having acknowledged your true strengths, weaknesses, fears, and demons.  Truth will become your power as peace becomes your friend.

Me recounted the first time she connected emotion with Soul.  As she buried her focus deeper and deeper within, removing the past, present and future from her person, an emotion triggered inside of her being. It almost felt as if her own body was embracing her.  It was new…it was foreign…it was surreal.

All was becoming clear.

Melody…my Melody where are you…do I have a Ghost inside of Me?



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