2013 Christmas Misc 2015 & 2015 163 My Child:
During this coming year:

L… Live in the moment
V…Volunteer your time to others
R…Read to continue learning
E…Exercise to feel alive
F…Forgive those unforgiven
G…Take guilt and throw it away                                                   

Lake Huron



Chick a dee dee dee
Chick a dee dee
Chick  a dee dee dee
Chick a dee dee

Melody placed her tiny body in front of the fire pit as she finally settled into the black of the night.  Across from her lay Me in a fetal position deep in sleep.  A  sigh came from her being as she tried to settle.

It was eerily different here in the forest of the Naked Slate.  All directions mirrored a deep piercing blackness.  Everything felt indifferent. Though the surrounding air was warm, the body felt cool…nothing felt sheltered or secure. Melody moved her gaze to Freedom. Just as every night, Freedom lay awkwardly on his side exposing his big round belly wrapped gently around Me protecting and keeping her warm.  He was caressing her long tangled hair with his round cold nose.

“Someday Me will understand…She will see…She will know…”
Melody whispered under her breath

The day had been very long.  Melody hopped over to where Freedom and Me were cuddled and found her cradle. It was in a crevice where Freedom’s long bony legs met his expansive belly.  Here, Freedoms’s skin was barren of body hair and the warmth of his soft skin soothed her vulnerable body. She gazed into the dark black sky above acknowledging that she was exactly where she belonged.  Me had succeeded.  They had finally arrived in the Forest of the Naked Slate..  Reaching deep into her own being she embraced Soul and began her nightly ritual of singing her treasured lullaby.

Run my Child
Throughout this land.
Allow thy legs set free.
Take upon thyself one task.
to make true…
You believed were only dreams.

I love you My Child….

…finding Soul

Summer2012 041“Me” did not know life without Melody beside her.  All of her memories included this diminutive, loyal friend. They were inseparable since birth.  Melody was Me’s cherished invisible friend. She was a chickadee. Together they explored. They giggled… they cried… they grew.  As time took Me from infancy into childhood and later into adolescence, she feared that Melody would one day be gone and vanished from her life. She could not imagine life without her Melody.  No one as an adult had an invisible friend she would tell herself.  Mama kept telling her that too.

Melody sat silently perched in her favorite birch tree a short distance from where Me was restlessly seated.  It was a beautiful sun-filled afternoon. She sensed the uncomfortable emotions that these thoughts provoked in Me and could feel her pain.  Closing her eyes Melody took a deep breath.  Peacefully she smiled as her imagination seized the moment and took her and Me into the future.  She verbalized a graceful sigh…. Melody saw everything different.