It was a beautiful day as Me, Freedom and Melody left the waters edge.  Suns’ rising filled the sky with overwhelming pinks and blues. August2011 041 She knew these were Me’s favorite colors.  Sun also knew that this was her last shared moment before the journey took her treasured friends away. This was her final embrace. It was now in Me’s control- her journey to fill her Naked Slate- her travels to unit with her Soul.  Sun had confidence in her conviction of Freedom as her guardian and Melody her interpreter and guide.
Their departure- a wrenching loss.

Me, Freedom and Melody each decided separate paths- drawing inward- as they took their final walk on this shore that they called home.   Me inhaled giant gulps of the fresh air dancing toward her as the waves lapped up onto the sand over her bare feet- the water cascading between her toes.  She filled her lungs so deeply, she felt dizzy losing her balance and falling to her knees.  Looking to the east she caught sight of Suns’ gift that morning- her colors pink and blue. Sun had not lost sight of Me since her early rising.   Her morning light quivered as cloud cover hid her moistened rays.  She was silent- she could not respond. The journey had begun.

Freedom took his favorite path up onto the bluff where he and Me slept many nights. Walking the hazardous course- his feet stable in their grasp of the earth, he chuckled as he reflected on the numerous times Me would clutch his thick course mane- grasping the safety that Freedom gave her as they climbed the bluff together.  Once settled in their favorite bed on earth- watching the stars that ran through the universe forever- Me would snuggle into Freedom’s warm belly.  Freedom would then wrap his head and big leaf-like ear’s over as much of Me’s small frame as he could. He loved his ears.  For so many years- mocked and ridiculed for their size- he always believed they had more purpose than just to hear.  Suddenly- instinctually- he gazed down toward the shoreline looking for Me- searching for confirmation of her safety.  Me was just below.  Freedom loved Me beyond words.  He too was afraid- questioning his ability to protect Me during this journey of the unknown.  As he stared into the water’s horizon-  a vision of Adam came into sight.  Calm soon began to fill his body as Adam whispered into his ear reassured words describing his tremendous physical and mental strength. Continue reading Departure-